About Me

AboutMe-2022-6I discuss the technical aspects of mastering DevOps principles via the 60+ posts I’ve written here. I achieve that by writing regularly on CI/CD pipelines, code repository, infrastructure as code, cloud deployment using tools and cloud platforms like Git/GitHub, Terraform/Terragrunt, PowerShell, Azure DevOps, AWS CLI, Azure CLI, Azure, and AWS cloud.

I am an AWS Solution Architect, HashiCorp Terraform, Azure DevOps, and Azure Cloud certified DevOps Consultant with AWS (check my Credly profile). Recently (Feb-2022) I was also awarded HashiCorp Ambassador for 2022 for my blog articles and code snippets on GitHub.

I have close to two decades of experience working with software engineering tools and over a decade of working with DevOps principles and tools. A few posts from my blog have been featured in Microsoft Dev blogs.

Why this blog?
Earlier in my career, I struggled technically. And I knew I wasn’t the first one stumbling over the challenge. Still, unfortunately, insufficient technical use cases were available on the internet. They were either detailed courses on a product or a skill (Udemy, Pluralsight) or direct answers (StackOverflow). Don’t get me wrong, these were lifesavers back then. However, I was looking for something in the middle  -I did not have the time or desire to go through the entire product. At the same time, the tiny code snippets did not satiate my curiosity.

I wanted a technical article that approached the challenge via a use case -discusses the challenge, discusses the approach, demonstrates the approach, and provides artifacts (link to GitHub repository). And that is what you can expect from this blog.

I categorized these articles under separate menu items so that it’s easy for you to search on  –AWS, Terraform, and Azure DevOps. Also, you can use the search button too.

If you’ve come this far, thanks for reading and for your curiosity. If you’ve searched for a particular technical use case and have not found it, please do not hesitate to reach out to me using the Contact page. I might not have written about a particular use case, but maybe I’ve come across that and can help you.
Are you on LinkedIn? Let’s connect. Please click here and drop in a message that you found me at skundunotes.com. I also love reading books and sometimes share about them on Twitter.