About Me

AboutMe-2022-6I discuss the technical aspects of mastering DevOps principles via the 70+ posts I’ve written here. I achieve that by writing regularly on CI/CD pipelines, code repositories, infrastructure as code, cloud deployment using tools and cloud platforms like Git/GitHub, Terraform/Terragrunt, PowerShell, Azure DevOps, AWS CLI, Azure CLI, Azure, and AWS cloud.

I am an AWS DevOps Engineer, AWS Developer, AWS Solutions Architect, HashiCorp Terraform, Azure DevOps, Azure Developer, and Azure Admin certified DevOps Consultant with AWS (check my Credly profile). On Feb-2022, I was awarded HashiCorp Ambassador for 2022 for my blog articles and code snippets on GitHub on Terraform.
I have nearly two decades of experience working with software engineering tools and over a decade of working with DevOps principles and tools. A few posts from my blog have also been featured in Microsoft Dev blogs.

Why this blog?
Earlier in my career, I struggled technically. And I knew I wasn’t the first one stumbling over the challenge. Still, unfortunately, insufficient technical use cases were available on the internet. They were either detailed courses on a product or a skill (Udemy, Pluralsight) or direct answers (StackOverflow). Don’t get me wrong, these were lifesavers back then. However, I was looking for something in the middle¬† -I did not have the time or desire to go through the entire product. At the same time, the tiny code snippets did not satiate my curiosity.

I wanted a technical article that approached the challenge via a use case -discusses the challenge, discusses the approach, demonstrates the approach, and provides artifacts (link to GitHub repository). And that is what you can expect from this blog.

I categorized these articles under separate menu items so that it’s easy for you to search on¬† –AWS, Terraform, and Azure DevOps. Also, you can use the search button too.

If you’ve come this far, thanks for reading and for your curiosity. If you’ve searched for a particular technical use case and have not found it, please do not hesitate to contact me using the Contact page. I might not have written about a particular use case, but maybe I’ve come across that and can help you.
Are you on LinkedIn? Let’s connect. Please click here and drop in a message that you found me at skundunotes.com. I also love reading books and sometimes share about them on Twitter.