About Me

20191019_171106It was quite by accident that I found myself working as a build and SCM engineer early in my career. A few years later I started working for a client project built on .net (3.5) and hosted on IIS using TFS 2008 (at that time Azure DevOps was still TFS) as a source code repo, continuous integration, and continuous deployment tool. Since then, I have been fortunate to have worked extensively on each of the versions of TFS to Azure DevOps 2019 Update 1 in my professional career.

Over the years I have dabbled with creating hundreds of build and release definitions in Azure DevOps, provisioning resources in the cloud, production releases, writing small productivity (.net) utilities to help me with my day to day job – auto-merge of branches, automated check-in, automated linking of work items with changesets, and such. Currently, I am working as a Sr. DevOps Engineer at edmentum on maturing and stabilizing our DevOps process to deploy our product on-premise and on the cloud with zero downtime. I heavily rely on automation using PowerShell, infrastructure-as-code using Terraform, and Azure DevOps on achieving these objectively.

My newest trial isĀ  too use Terraform and Azure DevOps to provision resources in AWS and Azure cloud. So far the experience has been fun.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something useful in these articles I’ve written.
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