Azure Pipelines (YAML) and Terraform to provision AWS S3

In my previous note, [Azure DevOps and Terraform to provision AWS S3], I listed in detail the steps to be followed to provision an S3 bucket using Azure DevOps and Terraform. I referred to the classic editor in the build definition/azure pipelines. Build and release definitions declared via a classic editor in Azure DevOps, although … Continue reading Azure Pipelines (YAML) and Terraform to provision AWS S3

Getting started with Terraform

Provisioning and de-provisioning computing resources happen at a faster rate as the process of doing so become accessible. And cloud technologies like AWS and Azure have made it easy, cheap, and quick to do so. However, provisioning resources manually (although possible) is not scalable and also not efficient. Any organization pursuing its DevOps journey must … Continue reading Getting started with Terraform

Idempotency in Infrastructure as Code

(this thought process derives heavily from my experience as a scm, build and release engineer working on automation, scripting and trying to make my job exciting. Feel free to disagree)In the earlier days (2000's maybe?) most of the tasks around build and release involved manual steps in the follow sequence:Step 1: development check-in codeStep 2: … Continue reading Idempotency in Infrastructure as Code